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Family Event


Imagine your teenage daughter’s face when the taxi that arrives on her 18th birthday is a state of the art pink limousine, ready to whisk her away to her favourite restaurant for a celebratory meal. Think how excited your young son would be if Mum and Dad picked him up in a Hummer or Navigator, on his very last day in primary school. All families have something to celebrate, which is why our limousine hire services are available for whatever is important to you. Make celebrations more exciting than ever before, by travelling in style to a party venue or restaurant. With a fleet of vehicles that includes limo buses, stretch limos, classic cars, SUVs, Navigators, Excursions and other impressive vehicles, you can get around towns and cities like you never have before. As you relax, let us drive you to your chosen destination. Our limousines include sound systems and refreshments, with some featuring fibre optics and laser lights to create an amazing party atmosphere. In comfort, luxury and safety, you can enjoy quality family time. If requested, we’ll even take an extended route so that you can enjoy your ride for longer. Our vehicles are impressive on the outside, but just as exciting once you step through the door. You’ll love the plush interiors, and with vehicles of various shapes and sizes we’re sure to have something to suit your family. Limousines can accommodate up to twelve passengers, and more than one car can be hired for a journey. We’re happy to work with you to make your family event more magical, whether you’re booking a luxury vehicle for your own celebration or you’re planning to surprise a member of your family. If you have a specific route in mind, or a certain place that you’d like us to pass, then we’d be happy to accommodate your request. Times with family are precious, and unfortunately they don’t always happen as often as we’d like. When you’re celebrating something special, the right limousine or luxury vehicle can be the difference between a great family event and one that you’ll be talking about with your loved ones for the rest of your lives.