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Porsche Cayenne


The car does exist and it comes with the same reputation of excellence most of us associate with the make Porsche. It is a great example that most classic vehicles with good reputations can be stretched and turned into modern luxury limousines. The Porsche Cayenne is a beautiful and sleek vehicle that epitomises style, class and elegance. However, it is not just a model car on the catwalk of premium vehicles that we dream about, it is practical enough to seriously consider hiring. They are ideal for all special occasions, but also great for everyday luxury usage. The back seats can be folded down to allow for more luggage space, if you are thinking of using it to woo business clients as soon as they arrive at your local airport, for instance. They are not as common on the streets of the UK as some of the other limousines that might spring to mind, but that is a good thing if you like being different. Please contact us to find out more about them. We have them in black, silver and white.