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Pink Hummer


It is an ideal choice of transport for fun night and days out. In terms of popularity, most people who hire them from us do so for girly birthdays, hen nights, school proms and occasionally weddings. However, they are not, however to be pigeonholed. Anyone travelling in a Hummer, regardless of the colour, will have a good time. These limos are classy and come with all the in-car gadgets and entertainment facilities you would expect of a luxury vehicle of its type. Get in touch if you have a special event to plan, which you want to make sure will be fun and memorable. We have a fleet of them and some models even come disco facilities, including laser lights and karaoke machines. However, if that’s not enough and you have a special request, make sure to enquire about it when booking. The Pink Hummer also comes with a Champaign bar, a DVD/TV screen, as well as a great music sound system to get everyone in the pre-party mood.