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Jeep Expedition


The Jeep 4×4 limousine is incredibly popular for hire in the UK. Although it is cheaper than the Hummer, it has many great features and is just as glamorous, if you are looking to hire a 4×4 limo. In fact, one reason why it is much more affordable than the Hummers is because it is more fuel-efficient. The interior of the Jeep Expedition is furnished with luxury leather, neon lights, and a magical mirrored ceiling that makes the vehicle feel even roomier. That is no mean feat for a car that can carry up to 16 passengers. It comes with flat-screen TVs, a DVD and a modern music system with fantastic surround acoustics, neon and disco lighting, as well as a fully stocked bar, on request. Regardless of your reason hiring a Jeep Expedition, it will have more than enough space for you and your friends or loved ones and will be the ruggedly practical vehicle you anticipate.