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Ford Excursion


Both vehicles are arguably the best 4x4s there on the market; however, the Ford comes with a much more affordable price tag. Like the Hummer, the rear of the limo has a privacy divider and is so spacious, it can be used as the pre-party or event venue to get everyone in the mood before they get to their destination! The car is available in a variety of colours, including black, pink, silver and white. Most Ford Excursions carry up to 14 passengers, but you can hire the biggest models, which take up to 20 adults. Their size makes them ideal for social occasions such as school outings. They are also often hired for stag and hen nights, big birthday celebrations as well as sports events, or to entertain corporate types and tourist, visiting the city and wanting a tour of it in luxury. They come fully kitted with all the mod cons most people expect to find in modern luxuries limos. Car amenities include TV’s as well as a DVD player, a top of the range sound system, which is w/Mp3 and compatible. There is also a Starlight Ceiling & Bar, Fibre Optics & LED lighting, climate controls facilities, a bar which can be stocked up with your favourite snacks and beverages.