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Chrysler Baby Bentley


It is also often regarded as an alternative to the Lincoln because they are both classy, and familiar representatives of what spacious and comfortable luxurious limousines are supposed to look and feel like in the minds of many people. There are few social events where the well-to-do gather which will not have at least a couple of Chryslers parked nearby or dropping off guests. They are popular for weddings, Proms, stag and hen nights, corporate events, as well as a whole host of other special occasions. In short, a Chrysler is a classic vehicle and like all things classic, it is never out of fashion. Its endearing understated stylish looks will turn heads and demand respect wherever you turn up in one. They have magnificent sound systems, which coupled with their wonderful leather interior, rear heat and air-conditioning ducts, the outside world will be the least of your concerns whilst enjoying the ride. Up to 8 passengers can fit in this vehicle and there will still be ample leg space to spare.