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It is an engaging car to drive. That is partly because the X5 is a monocoque construction, whereas most other SUVs at the time it was being developed were built with the body on a separate frame. This limo is not all style and no content, however; it is a car that was designed with its users in mind. If you are looking for a classy and luxurious limo and safety is on your mind, the X5 has a number of features, which will tick all your boxes: a blind-spot monitor lane departure warning, rear collision alerts. Pressing a single button can activate all the features. However that is not all that enhances the safety of this vehicle, From a driving perspective, the seating is high and can be adjusted and made even higher to offer a clearer view of the road for most people, regardless of their height. It is spacious and tastefully decorated with high-grade leather metal and plastic used throughout the interior, which makes it suitable for all forms of special occasions. They are ideal for road shows corporate transportation as well as weddings and sporting events. Some can carry up to seven passengers, thanks to two rear seats that fold out of the boot floor. As well as a split tailgate, with the top, which is electrically operated, it has a large boot, which makes them a favourite choice for airport shuttles and long distance family travels. Depending on the individual vehicle’s engine, the X5 can tow between 2,700kg to 3,500kg. If you like to find out more about this limo, contact us now for to speak to one of our knowledgeable representatives.